Everybody pressure washes their buildings, right? Wrong! Those in the know do not pressure wash their homes or buildings. Ask any person with multiple investment properties in their portfolio and they will advise you to choose soft-wash, all round cleaning services. A gentle wash can still be a powerful wash with excellent results ‒ and no physical damage to your big-ticket asset!

Here are our reasons, and those of our hundreds of clients, for choosing the gentle wash approach.

A Sure Way To Start A Renovation

If you choose a pressure washing option, you are almost guaranteed that you will need to start a home renovation in the near future. Whether you are using professionals, going DIY or you see your painting contractor let loose with it, start saving because more costs are on the way. Your home might look clean, but there will be unseen damage within your walls, fixtures, fittings and other parts of the home.

Water Ingress In The Walls

Water ingress is the most difficult damage to incur as it is almost impossible to rectify. Did you know that those high-pressure jet hoses deliver from 1500 psi to more than 3300 psi? What does this mean? A 3300 psi jet of water will work its way through solid wood, asphalt or concrete if they are positioned at a close distance.

Timber siding, cladding, shingles and framework will suffer from water bursting up under or through portions of it. This will drench wall cavities, insulation layers, electrical wiring, fibre optic cables, bolts and screws that are holding fixtures in place with dripping down to the flooring. Nothing is sacred.

Water trapped in walls will battle to escape resulting in mould infestations in insulation layers, plaster deterioration and warped flooring.

Mortar Loss In Brick Houses

You might assume that your red brick-and-mortar home can withstand anything. Well, it can withstand most things but not a brutal pressure wash. In fact, if you have a heritage home, then the bricks might be sunbaked and the mortar will have a higher sand percentage. High-pressure jetting can blast away bits of brick, layers of mortar jointing and pointing as well as delaminate layers of plaster. Some of our clients have watched pieces of plaster fly off of their homes in previous pressure wash projects they unwittingly booked.

“Sandblasted” Wood

Some interior designers use sandblasting on wood to raise the grain for fine interior design furnishings. However, you don’t want this to happen to your fascia or clapboard! High-pressure hosing can have a similar effect as sandblasting. If a painting contractor wants the old paint to get off super fast so he can get finished, he will bring the hose close up to the surface and blast the paint into the neighbour’s yard (this has happened). With that paint, a layer of wood will travel to the neighbour as well! Your timber will be weakened and compromised!

When Is Pressure Washing A Good Idea?

A strategic, very delicate use of pressure washing has its place in the market, but in 90% of the cases, there are cowboys with powerful water guns blasting things to bits. A deck can be cleaned with a low-pressure hose as well as railings. You could use a medium-pressure hose on wood or vinyl fences and then turn to high pressure for your parking lots, driveways (although older driveways may incur damage), stone pavers and metal furniture.

The Gentle Wash Option

So, with all this damage risk, how on earth do you get your house clean? It’s simpler and less nerve-wracking than you would believe ‒ the gentle wash, smart soap option! The Clean Approach House Washing method has delivered hundreds of clean, undamaged, sparkling homes to delighted clients for decades.

There is nothing more delightful than seeing your home returned to its former glory without thinking, “Crikey, how long before the walls start peeling!”

The Clean Approach smart wash method uses the latest smart soaps that remove mould and fungi at their roots, and our gentle soft-brushing technique is all that is needed to deal with the toughest areas of dirt. Our highly detailed, up-close approach allows us to see the dirt in every nook and cranny and we gently but EFFECTIVELY remove it.

Your neighbours will be green with envy instead of blasted bits of your garden demolished in a high-pressure blasting project.

Our method doesn’t cause waves of spray over your costly garden and we use non-toxic chemicals. In fact, they are infused with natural oils, so your home will sparkle like a newly renovated home and scented delicately to boot!

Our process is slower than the brute force of a jet hose but doesn’t that make sense? Your home is your biggest ticket asset to date, no doubt.


One final word: would you send your Porsche to a high-speed blast-through detailer or an attention-to-detail, slightly slower team? I think we know your answer!

Got more questions? Your all round cleaning services team is here to answer them! Contact us today!

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