Once your house has benefited from a house washing in North Turramurra, you will most likely be keen on keeping its facade sparkling. Your windows are a big part of its facade and many of our clients have complained that they can’t get the glistening clean we achieve.

There is no magic to the beautiful clean panes we achieve in NSW, so here are our tips on achieving it in between your house washing bookings!

The First Streak-Free Step For Your Window Washing

It might be frustrating for you to discover that spraying your cleaning liquid on windows and wiping it off does not always leave them glistening. The dirt does indeed come off, but you might find annoying streaks that track your every wipe.

Don’t feel you have to wait until The Clean Approach House Washing Sydney team arrives. With these simple tips, you’ll get it right!

To be fair, our expert approach does involve state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and superior, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, but you can achieve quite a good finish via DIY.

The first step is to avoid dousing your window with loads of cleaning liquid. You don’t want it running over your just-cleaned frames and onto window sills. The excess liquid also increases the risk of streaks developing.

A better approach is to spray your chosen cleaning liquid onto your window cleaning apparatus or, if you do not like that approach, then spray a minimal quantity onto the window pane ‒ just a light spray.

Save Sunny Days For Other Things

Without a doubt, sunny days highlight the dirt on windows and might galvanize you to leap up and clean them. Save those sunny days for your outdoor exercise or picnics rather than clean your windows. Or choose other house washing tasks for your North Turramurra home.

The first impractical aspect of it is the glaring sun belting through the glass. Your eyes will tire fast, a headache will be on the horizon and your progress will be slower. The second impractical aspect is that the glass will heat up and dry your cleaning liquids quickly. The slower work pace, inability to see clearly and fast drying liquids is a window washing recipe ripe for streaks!

Frames Before Panes, Please

Window washing is not only about the pane; it means cleaning the entire fenestration structure. Just like washing your house walls, you should start washing the window frames at the top. This avoids streaks running over areas you have already washed.

Frames should also be done first as the process will cause splashes and drips onto the glass. Then when you address the glass, you spray that minimalist cloud of liquid over the glass and don’t drench the glass and just-cleaned frames.

Frames first and start at the top ‒ tick!

Clean Consistently For A Real Clean

You have probably seen how hard we had to work to get the ingrained dirt off your house during the house washing booking. The dirt will become more compacted on your window frames if you don’t clean them regularly, which will, ultimately, make cleaning more difficult. In addition, your windows are a big part of your facade, so keeping them clean is an important part of your home’s overall presentation.

A window that is difficult to clean runs a higher risk of developing streaks during the cleaning process. It is recommended that you clean, or book a window cleaning, every two to three months. If you have a constant sea breeze passing over your home, then your windows will probably require weekly cleaning.

More Time, More Dirt, More Problems

Believe it or not, your window panes do not have microscopically smooth surfaces. Yes, that phrase ‘as smooth as glass’ is arguably incorrect albeit at a very refined level. The surface is actually pitted with tiny pockmarks and if the pane is not correctly cleaned, these pits collect contaminants and foreign matter.  The resulting build-up of dirt, mildew and pollutants can scratch and cut into the glass, weakening the integrity of the glass’s strength. Over time, this increases the fragility of the glass and the risk of shattering soars.

The contaminants easily collect on the glass every time you open the window. Add wind, rain, salty air and the diverse temperature changes that the glass, sealant and frames go through daily, and you will understand how hardworking they are.

Not all of the contaminants are merely irritating dirt ‒ mildew and mould present serious health risks! Not only do they affect the structural integrity of your home, but they pose a real threat to your family’s health on many levels, from allergies to mental illness and death.

The Clean Conclusion

If your days are overflowing with work and family commitments, don’t leave window and house washing to fall behind and build up threatening contaminants. Give us a call for an interim clean in between your major house washing bookings. Keep your home glistening and your family healthy!

For reliable, efficient, professional window and house washing in North Turramurra, call our experts today! Your peace of mind is worth it.

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