We all want our homes to look their very best. After all, we spend a lot of our time in them. Improving your house’s street appeal is not only a way to make the neighbours jealous, but it also adds to your property’s value.

A simple, affordable way to improve curb appeal is to have your house professionally washed. The good news is that special cleaning methods and equipment are available to best take care of the various areas of your house that need a good once-over.

Let’s take a look at the six areas of your home that can benefit from house washing services in St Ives Chase or surrounding areas to have your house looking the best.

The Outside Of Your Home

Professional soft washing has many benefits for your home. Having your house’s exterior soft washed will dramatically improve your home’s curb appeal without the expensive and time-consuming work making garden or structural upgrades often entails. Dirt and mould naturally build up on your home’s exterior paint, but through the use of safe, biodegradable and non-corrosive cleaning agents, the soft washing process can lift years of grime off of your home’s walls.

It’s worth mentioning that at A Clean Approach, we take great pains to ensure harsh and dangerous chemicals are not used on your home’s exterior so as to avoid plant, paint and even health damage. An advantage of soft washing your home is that it leaves behind a barrier that prevents further mould growth down the line, meaning that house soft washing is not just a quick fix but an affordable treatment with long-lasting positive effects.

The Driveway

Dirt, grime and oil will build up on your driveway over time, but the entryway to your house says a lot about your property’s maintenance and your care as a homeowner. Having your driveway professionally soft pressure cleaned can help improve your home’s curb appeal quickly and cost-effectively.

Those Areas That Were Built To Socialise In

We all have those spots in our homes that seem to absorb and retain dirt no matter how hard you try to scrub away at it. Balconies and patios made of concrete, pavers or sandstone are heavily used and exposed to the elements daily. It’s no wonder that these great-for-socialising areas are not so great to clean. This is where high-pressure cleaning may benefit you and your home.

We use special tools and methods that outlast our competitor’s cleaning processes that allow us to adjust the pressure we use depending on the surface we are making look shiny and clean as if it were new. With us, it is possible to reap all of the rewards of high-pressure cleaning without any threat of damage to your outdoor surfaces.

The Deck

The beautiful deck you’ve invested in deserves to be seen in all of its glory ‒ not hidden away behind layers of filth, moss and stains. Having your wood deck or furniture professionally cleaned will not only restore its natural beauty but will help to preserve your timber.

Many timber cleaning companies will make use of a washing process that involves chlorine, which results in drying out your wooden deck, furniture or other surfaces. Dried-out timber leads to cracks in and ageing of your wooden surface. This is why at A Clean Approach, we use a special treatment process that cleans your timber while protecting it from damaging effects.

The Feature Walls

A common exterior feature material used in Sydney homes is sandstone ‒ and no wonder! This gorgeous material can be used to accentuate stand-out pillars, outdoor staircases and decorative driveways. Sandstone naturally wears down over time which can lead to it becoming slippery. Having it professionally washed can help to maintain it in the long run.

The Vergola

Outdoor vergolas, pergolas, overhangs and trellises are beautiful additions to any home. Having your vergola professionally cleaned of moss, bird droppings and the like can help to improve the general ambience of your backyard, which can be especially beneficial when you are ready to sell your property.

There are various areas of your house that could do with some restorative cleaning. Now that you’re ready to have your home professionally cleaned by the very best, reach out to us and let’s discuss how we can make your living space the cleanest it can be! Whether it’s house washing in St Ives Chase or another professional cleaning job you need to be done in Sydney, we’re the company for the job!

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